Vineyard and Vine

Tamir Arzy Winemaker

Kerem Ben Zimra

Tulip Winery carefully selects the vineyards of which the grapes are used for producing wine, they make sure to sign long-term agreements with the vine growers that allow the winemaker to lead the process of growing grapes and to control the crop level of the vineyard.
The vineyard is located in the plateau of Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra, in Ramat Dalton of the Upper Galilee. This old Sauvignon Blanc vineyard allows the production of an elegant white wine contained in "White Tulip".

Year of planting
: 1982
Vineyard Height: 850 meters above sea level
Specie: Sauvignon Blanc
Type of soil: basaltic
Features: Cool climate and the composition of an optimal soil for growing white wine grapes.

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