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Port Esperanza 2004

The word “Esperanza” means hopein the Spanish language, as in the name of "Kfar Tikva” (Village of Hope), where Tulip winery is located and operates.  
The drawing on the front label of Port Esperanza was made by a member of the village, in a competition where members were asked to draw a picture inspired by the Jezreel Valley.
This is a Port style wine that origins from the city “Porto” in Portugal.  
The wine is produced from ripe Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, in order to receive high natural sweetness. During the fermentation, quality grape alcohol was added, which caused the fermentation to halt and preserved the natural sweetness of the grape.
The uniqueness of this wine is 4 years of aging in French oak 350 liters barrels, especially imported from "Remy Martin", leading manufacturer from Cognac. These barrels contained XO Cognac for 12 years, adding wonderful aromas and flavors to the Port.  
The Port softened and concentrated as the barrels were exposed to the sun during summer and shielded from the rain in winter time. Its color is red, almost brown, and it features pleasant sweetness on the palate, which leaves a long finish of honey, dried fruits, forest berries, vanilla and caramel.
The port is not filtered and did not go through any clarification process.

This Port is best served cool, alongside fat and hard cheeses such as Roquefort, Camembert and Brie; rich chocolate desserts, as well as almonds, nuts and dried fruits.
Alcohol Percentage: 18%

Consumer Price: 115 NIS

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