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Syrah Reserve 2008

Variety composition: 90% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard: Gilad Vineyard, Kfar Yuval - Upper Galilee
Aging: 16 months in French oak barrels
Alcohol Percentage: 15.5%
Harvest date: August 2008
Bottling date: May 2010
Winemaker's comments: This wine is a typical, impressive “Syrah”, featuring a deep, dense shade that is characteristic of this variety. This wine has prominent aromas of dark flowers, black fruits and eucalyptus. This is a heavy-bodied, full flavored, round and balanced wine, with a long, impressive finish.

Consumer Price: 98 NIS

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The Tulip “Syrah Reserve” has received both domestic and international recognition, and is known to be an exceptional wine. This wine was aged in barrels for a long period of time and it's style is powerful and exciting.
This wine was produced from high standard Syrah grapes, from the northern vineyard of Kfar Yuval, near Metula. This year, the winemaker chose to add 10% Cabernet Sauvignon to the final blend.
The top quality grapes were selectively harvested by hand, and were transported in refrigeration to the winery. With the arrival of grapes to the winery, they were crushed and cooled at 14 ° for 3 days of cold maceration. During this time, an enzyme activity occurs, which extracts the aroma and color substances. At the end of this process, the must was fermented with yeast, which was designated specifically for extracting the aromas that are typical of the Syrah variety. After fermentation, the free run was separated from the drained wine, in order to prevent bitterness in the wine.
The wine aging lasted 18 months in French oak barrels (90%) and American oak (10%), in order to receive rich wooden flavors and spices. Before bottling, the wine was roughly filtered to preserve its tastes.
This is an impressive wine with a deep and dense purple-burgundy color, typical of this variety, with prominent aromas of black fruits, vanilla and caramel flavors, ripe and soft astringent, and a long, pleasant finish. This wine is powerful and therefore can well accompany rich cheese dishes and grilled meats.

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