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White Tulip 2009

Variety composition: 70% Gewürztraminer, 30% Sauvignon Blanc
Vineyard: Kfar Yuval and Kerem Ben Zimra - Upper Galilee
Aging: Stainless steel only
Alcohol Percentage:13.5%
Harvest date: August 2009
Bottling date: May 2010
Winemaker's comments: White Tulip is a unique blend, composed of two varieties which differ in their characteristics, and create a dry white wine, with a light straw color. This wine possesses fruity aromas such as guava, grapefruit and lychee, alongside greenness and fresh, pleasant acidity.
Consumer Price: 67 NIS

More  Information
White Tulip 2009 is a unique blend of two white varieties, different by nature: the fruity, spicy, sweet Gewürztraminer and the green, fresh and tart, Sauvignon Blanc.
Gewürztraminergrapes came from the Gilad Vineyard, located in Kfar Yuval, near Metula (height - 350 m), while the Sauvignon Blanc grapes were harvested in Kerem Ben Zimra plateau vineyard (height - 750 m).
The grapes from these two vineyards were hand picked and transported in refrigeration to the winery. Once the grapes arrived at the winery, they were crushed, cooled by a heat exchanger, and transferred immediately to the pneumatic press. Each grape variety was pressed into its own tank, and only the free run was used.
The must was fermented with cultured yeast, particularly suitable for aromatic varieties.  The fermentation was carried out in a low temperature and took about 40 days. At the end of the fermentation process, the wines were decanted and went through a clarification period.
At the end of the clarification period, the final blend was determined – 70% Gewürztraminerand 30% Sauvignon Blanc. The wine then underwent subtle clarification and stabilization processes, so that its unique aromas would not be harmed.

White Tulip 2009 is a dry white wine, characterized by a light straw-like color and fruity aromas such as guava, grapefruit and lychee,
with a fresh greenness and pleasant acidity.
The wine's unique style surprises every single time and it perfectly accompanies a wide variety of foods - fresh ceviche fish, spicy Asian dishes, and even spicy grilled meats.

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