Activities and workshops

Wine and Chocolate Workshop:

If you could feel the intoxicating flavor of wine, after tasting a delicious chocolate, all in one culinary experience...

Two famous culinary institutes in the Jezreel Valley, invite you for an unforgettable gourmet workshop, combining knowledge, history and the best flavors, made in the valley.

The workshop takes place in Tulip Winery, located in Kfar Tikva (near Kiryat Tivon). The winery is known for its high standard wine making and its contribution to the community.
The workshop includes an exciting lecture by Mishi Blog, a respected Israeli Chocolatier. Mishi lectures (and of course demonstrates, together with the participants) about the preparation of various filled pralines.
Under one roof, the workshop participants will get to activate their five senses, through the captivating wine aroma and the sweet taste of chocolate, all during watching and listening to top experts in their fields.

Workshop Duration: Two hours.

Number of participants: 20 - 50 people.

Wine and Spices Workshop:
An intoxicating encounter between the world of wine and the world of spices, where we reveal secrets from the fascinating world of wine and learn about the differences between red and white wine, semi dry and dry wine and much more.
In addition, we will get to know the factors that influence the flavors, aromas and sensations in each glass of wine, while hearing about the connection between wine aging in barrels, to the known aromas from the world of spices.
A fascinating lecture hosted by "Derech Hatavlinim" instructor, together with Tulip's winemaker, regarding the close connection between the worlds of spices, wine and our health.

For dessert, we will prepare a mixture of Punch, and later cook it with Tulip wine.
Each participant will receive a glass of Punch as a gift and a bag of the Punch mix for self-preparation at home.
Workshop duration: Hour and a half to two hours.

Participants:Up to 50 people.

A Tour, Story and Taste:
A guided tour combining beautiful views, history and tastes, in the intense green landscapes of the Jezreel Valley, by Rafi Yariv, a veteran of the valley, with spectacular and fascinating stories and anecdotes about the Jezreel Valley.

At first, we will observe the Sheik-Avrech Hill alongside the statue of Alexander Zaid.
The rest of the tour will take place in Kfar Yehoshua, where we can see impressive mosaics; an old water tower; a modern technology barn and unique cactus greenhouses.
After stopping in “The Valley Station”, a charming boutique shop, we will visit the valley train and hear its story.

At the end of our tour, we will have the pleasure of visiting Tulip Winery, where we will taste various wines from the winery's different wine series. The winery is located in “Kfar Tikva”, near Kiryat Tivon, and is known for its high standard wine making and its contribution to the community.  

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