People Behind Tulip

Roy Yitzhaki CEO

Roy established Tulip Winery during his bachelor's degree in economics, while devoting all of his energy and skills to managing the winery and leading it to thriving national and international success.
Roy, a
talentedbusinessman and entrepreneur, with a brilliant sense for marketing, never ceases to develop new ideas and projects that might further promote his business ventures. One might say that his eyes gleam when the thought of such a project or cooperation, comes to mind. 
"I live, breathe and sleep my work at the winery ...Tulip Winery is like my firstborn child, born seven years ago and that is already a grown child nowadays, that has accumulated enormous experience and success in life."

Yitzhak Yitzhaki – Owner

Yitzhak is originally a successful building engineer, which turned his deep love for wine into a second profession.
On weekends, Yitzhak and his wife Leah open up the winery for visitors. They provide guided tours and
share the story of Tulip Winery and its operations, with each and every guest... all this, with a constant smile on their faces.
"I combine the two great loves in my life - my dear family, that is involved in the success of this business, and wine... that I so enjoy pouring and drinking."

Tamir Arzy – Winemaker

Tamir, a graduate inagronomy of "The Agriculture Faculty" in Rehovot, has worked in few wineries in Israel, and functions as a wine maker in Tulip winery since 2005. Tamir is responsible for all wine production, from its early stages at the vineyard, till it makes its way into the bottle, including visiting the vineyards on a regular basis and also creating the winery's unique blends.
"Creating wine in Tulip winery is a great experience and a pleasure. A pleasure to be able to make remarkable wines without compromises, and a great experience to be part of such a unique family" 

Nurit Bar Marketing Manager

Nurit is responsible for Tulip Winery's marketing strategy, building the brand and managing the winery's public relations.
Nurit is in continuous contact with journalists and is in charge of all production of marketing materials. She is also responsible for the exportation of Tulip wines and for business collaborations with external parties.

"Working at the winery is both special and challenging for me, I am exposed to all aspects of the marketing industry and I enjoy intriguing and exciting our loyal customers ..."

Faiz Hilf – Operation employee

Faiz is responsible for the everyday operations of the winery and for managing the village members who work at the winery.
"Working with village members is different and challenging for me... Sometimes I feel that I am a manager, a father and a caregiver, all in one day's work. I feel that the members of the village are like my young children and I am therefore gentle and warmhearted with them ..."

Members of Kfar Tikva

The winery employs four members from "Kfar Tikva" on a regular basis: Nathan, Deddy, Ely and Inbal, who all experience great satisfaction from their work at the winery and enjoy the feeling of belonging to the winemaking process.  
The family and winery staff enjoy the joint efforts, and are happy to see how the members develop a sense belonging to the winery and make use of their abilities..                                                                                                                  


Roy Itzhaki
Itzhak Itzhaki
Tamir Arzy
Nurit Bar
Faiz Hilf
Natan and Inbal

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