Winery Events

Tulip winery's visitors center is well equipped for hosting private and business events, whether large or small, indoor or in the yard...
We will be more than happy to assist you in organizing an unforgettable event.

A visit to the winery includes explanations onthe foundation of the winery; the village where it is located in and the special connection between the two; what a boutique winery is; the vineyards; wine production process; the winery's different wine series and more.
At the end of the tour, visitors get the chance to taste several wines from the wide selection, also accompanied by explanations regarding each and every wine; proper wine tasting and more.

Another option is to hold an event that combines the wine tasting alongside explanations, together with a light meal, that includes quality cheeses and breads, vegetable trays and various spreads, which are all provided by the winery.

Holding an event at the winery with private catering is possible as well.

For more information and queries:
Nurit - 04-9830573 / 054-8049809

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