Kfar Tikva Members working

Tulip in the Community

 Kfar Tikva
Kfar Tikva (Village of hope) is a home for special people, a community settlement that constitutes a unique model in Israel and worldwide, where a person with special needs and disabilities can develop and realize his capabilities.  
The village was founded in 1964 on the Zeid Hills in the Jezreel Valley, near Kiryat Tivon and it inhabits about 200 members that are diverse in age, nature of disability, adjustment difficulties, functioning and independence level.
Tulip Winery fits perfectly into Kfar Tikva's vision, by including its members in the wine production process, and encouraging on-going involvement in the community.
The winery also promotes various joint activities with the village, such as the sale of handicrafts, made by village members.
The members that work in the winery take part in the harvest, bottling and packaging of the wines, and assist in hosting at the winery's visitor center.

Do not label
Tulip Winery's great love for the Kfar Tikva “friends”produced a unique social initiative. Together with the voluntary associations - Akim, Ilan, and the Shanti house, the social project “Do not label” was born. It is an art project that mediates in a unique way between the worlds of business and community. 
In order to find the ultimate label for Tulip Winery’s leading wine, Black Tulip,an art contest was declared between art class students of all four associations, so that the winning drawing will ultimately become the desired wine label. After serious doubts and struggles, the chosen drawing was that of David Ashkenazi, a talented creator with Down Syndrome from the Akim association.  
“The colorfulness and abstract of his work captured all of our hearts”.


The project “Do not label" was created out of the belief that 
Labels should be put on wine, not on an entire population. 

Port Esperanza

The word "Esperanza" means "hope" in the Spanish language, as the name of Kfar Tikva (“Village of hope”), where Tulip Winery is located and operated.
The drawing on the front label was painted by a member of the village, as part of an art competition in which members were asked to draw a picture inspired by the Jezreel Valley. The members were very excited about the competition and within two days about 300 drawings were received, out of which this lovely drawing was chosen to represent the Port style wine of the winery.


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